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My name is Adam Ward and I currently reside in Kansas City, MO. I’ve been working with Linux since 1997 (yep, twenty awesome years). I first started with Linux when I was 12. My first Linux install was RedHat 6.0 on a 75Mhz pentium processor (yep math co-processor and all). I started a small site called “Admo.net” with the hopes of offering free services to the internet. I started hosting with a small company with a shared hosting account and quickly outgrew their service offering. I had to find a new solution quickly.

I moved to a dedicated server (a RaQ3 — so fast!) and I was a very happy person. Reality quickly set in and I realized this server was costing me a whopping $99.00/Mo. and I needed to find a way to pay for this server. I was literally forced (although I loved new technology and learning new things) to learn Linux. After all, the RaQ 3 was based on Linux and, if anyone has used a RaQ appliance before, the control panel wasn’t the most robust. Many times I found myself on the command line trying to troubleshoot issues.

I started a small web hosting company (Admo.net) in 1998 with primary focus on service. This company has since grown into a large-scale endeavor. In November 2016, Admo.net was acquired and I am now working for a great company as their Senior Linux Engineer. This blog is an attempt to document my day-to-day findings and help me retain the things I learn. It’s always better for me to retain and remember topics when I write about them.


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Adam Ward

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