Adam's Tech Blog Endless technology ramblings Sat, 23 Jul 2011 01:37:50 +0000 en hourly 1 Clear Wireless Technology Sat, 23 Jul 2011 01:37:18 +0000 TheGuy As wireless Internet technology progresses and spreads, many more people are feeling the need to get connected to wireless networks. The mistake that many people are making is that they believe that only popular cell phone companies such as Verizon and AT&T offer wireless Internet service. However, in actuality, there are other companies, such as Clear Wireless, that, despite having no direct connection to supplying cell phones or cellular service, specialize in providing wireless Internet to a huge range of people. For specific information on how Clear stacks up to its competitors, as well as the opinions of their customers regarding their service, check out the Clear reviews available on a number of relevant websites. In the meantime, however, here are a few brief points on Clear wireless service as it relates to its main competitors.

As it happens, the world of wireless Internet has recently upgraded from 3G to 4G service, with some claiming that 4G is actually up to four times faster than 3G. Now, there are two main competitors that have emerged in the expanding 4G service industry: the LTE service offered chiefly by Verizon Wireless, and the WiMax service offered by Clear and Sprint. Both services are considered 4G, and therefore both can offer you extremely fast and reliable wireless Internet service. However, there are a few differences, mostly regarding pricing packages, that you ought to be aware of if you are debating between which service to purchase.

The most noticeable difference between the two services is that Clear’s WiMax service has a base price that you pay for complete service, which is generally a bit cheaper than most packages you can buy from Verizon. However, Verizon’s LTE service is offered in a higher variety of packages, with different prices depending upon factors such as how much storage space you will be using on your wireless devices. Another thing to be aware of is that most LTE packages include automatic 3G/4G combination service, which enables your wireless devices to automatically switch to 3G service if you are in an area where 4G is not yet available. WiMax offers the same service, but it is part of a slightly more expensive payment package.

These are just a few of the basic differences between the two leading 4G service providers on the market today. If you are considering getting connected and trying to make up your mind between the two, there are plenty of comparisons available online that can help you to choose which service is best for you. Ultimately, no matter which choice you make, you will soon be enjoying the fastest and most reliable wireless Internet service in existence.

Osama Bin Laden is Dead! Mon, 02 May 2011 02:48:41 +0000 TheGuy Hello,

Fox news is reporting that Osama Bin Laden is dead. He’s been on the run for ten years. Confirmed that the US killed him in Pakistan. DNA tests proved his body was in fact, authentic. We currently have his body in our possession. Apparently this happened around a week ago but they were waiting for DNA test results. They obtained DNA from his family to confirm the match.

This is great news for America!

Visit CNN’s story here.

Unstall McAfee Total Protection from Windows Home Server (WHS) Tue, 17 Nov 2009 06:34:37 +0000 TheGuy This is a quick article showing how to uninstall McAfee Total Protection from Windows Home Server (WHS). The instructions were not readily available on McAfee’s website as they have removed the KB article “KB64958” from their site.

Here is a link to the uninstaller in case the one mentioned below is not working.

Corporate KnowledgeBase

Additional information for removing Total Protection Service from Windows Home Server

Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:

June 26, 2009


Microsoft Windows Home Server
Microsoft Windows Home Server OEM implementations
Acer Aspire easyStore
HP home Media Server


CAUTION: This article contains information about opening or modifying the registry.

  • The following information is intended for System Administrators. Registry modifications are irreversible and could cause system failure if done incorrectly.
  • Before proceeding, McAfee strongly recommends backing up your registry and understanding the restore process. For more information, see:
  • Do not run a .REG file that is not confirmed to be a genuine registry import file.

If you have to remove Total Protection Service from a Windows Home Server (WHS), it is necessary to remove several registry keys that are removed if you use the following:

  • Add/remove programs
    IMPORTANT: Do not use Add/remove programs to remove Total Protection from WHS. See also KB66148 on severe potential issues.
  • mvsuninst.exe

To manually uninstall Total Protection from WHS:

  1. Download MVSUninst.exe from
  2. Run mvsuninst.exe
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Click start, run, type regedit and press ENTER.
  5. Locate and right-click the following registry key, select Delete and click Yes:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\KnownAdditions\TopWHSaddin.msi.-8589896854554775808]
  6. Repeat the previous step for the following:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Home Server\RegisteredAdditions\{cfcd4bf6-203d-4213-bab4-3c140954287b}]
  7. Restart your computer.
    You are now ready to reinstall the product via the Windows Home Server console Settings screen.
Google’s Third Muppets Theme – Bert and Ernie Fri, 06 Nov 2009 06:01:09 +0000 TheGuy It appears Google has posted yet another muppet-themed home page today.


Thanks Google for supporting the muppets!

T-Mobile Nationwide Service Disruption Wed, 04 Nov 2009 02:45:33 +0000 TheGuy image It appears T-Mobile is having nationwide service disruptions.

T-Mobile Official Forum:

Services affected:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Text & MMC
  • All (Yes, Including 911)

Their official message on their support site looks like this


This is the second major blow to T-Mobile since the sidekick issue on October 11th that  caused cascading failures and ultimately the loss of all data for T-Mobile Sidekick users. This issue was not directly T-Mobile’s fault but they are somewhat responsible of which provider is chosen to store their client’s data.

It’s very hard to believe that all of their servers could be affected like this nationwide.

Here’s some reference as to how Cell Networks work:

    Update: Just watched a T-Mobile commercial where they ask “What do you want” How about the service to work?

Update 2: The search term “tmobile down” was number 6 on Google and rated at “volcanic” on their activity scale!

One-Line ncFTP Client Install Wed, 04 Nov 2009 00:38:37 +0000 TheGuy ncftp is a client suite offering a command-line interface to commonly-used File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

To install it in one line simply run the below command. Substitute in the most currnet version for 3.2.3

cd ~; wget \tar zxvf ncftp-3.2.3-src.tar.gz; cd ncftp-3.2.3 \./configure && make && make install; cd ~ \rm -rf ncftp-3.2.3-src.tar.gz ncftp-3.2.3
Resize /tmp partition on cPanel Wed, 04 Nov 2009 00:32:25 +0000 TheGuy It’s quite common for a cPanel server to need a larger /tmp partition.

cPanel, by default, creates a loopback device that mounts to /tmp. The default size is only 512MB. This is quite small, especially for shared systems.

Reasons /tmp might become full:

  • MySQL operation or Repair requiring temporary space. Keep in mind the /tmp partition must be big enough to support the largest table size on your system. (8GB table would require 8+GB /tmp space)
  • PHP sessions consuming space in /tmp
  • Rogue scripts living in /tmp

To resize follow these steps:

** Note that this will stop MySQL and will cause service interruption. These commands will resize /tmp to 2GB. If you wish to resize to a greater or smaller size simply change 2048000 to your desired size in bytes.

/etc/init.d/chkservd stop
/etc/init.d/mysql stop
umount /var/tmp
umount /tmp
sed -i -e 's/512000/2048000/g' /scripts/securetmp
rm /usr/tmpDSK
/scripts/securetmp --auto
cd /tmp
ln -s /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
/etc/init.d/mysql start
/etc/init.d/chkservd start

If you receive errors stating that /tmp could not be unmounted simply run the following command to identify the PID (Process ID) still using /tmp

lsof /tmp

Next, kill all processes using /tmp using “kill –9 <pid>”

Virtualize Your Way to a Greener Tomorrow Sun, 01 Nov 2009 02:08:08 +0000 TheGuy image Having worked in data centers for the last four years of my life I know that most servers are grossly under utilized. Burning the power to keep servers online that are utilized, on average, five to twenty percent.

Economics, the way they are today, constantly challenges us and pushes us to find new and creative ways to solve problems. Virtualization allows us to provide consolidation for under utilized servers and “pools” resources to allow systems to burst when they need it. Virtualization, in my opinion, is a very green initiative. In this article I will talk mainly about VMware based virtualization technologies.


So what are the benefits of virtualizing your servers?

  • Instant ROI – Servers which were underutilized no longer consume power.
  • Ease of Management – Restart systems from a central management location
  • Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) – VMware technology provides the capability to VMotion servers from one physical system to another when extra resources are needed. DRS even weighs the “cost” of moving the machine to another host machine.
  • Capacity Planner – VMware also has utilities to help you plan your virtual environment based on your site’s resource needs. Simply install a utility and let it run for about 30 days. Once the utility has gathered enough data, you will be presented with suggestions
  • High Availability (HA) – VMware offers highly-available services. All of your systems will now have the added benefit of HA at the virtualization layer

So, if Virtualization is so GREEN then what are the downsides?

  • Initial equipment cost is high
  • Use of fast centralized storage (SAN, NAS) is needed; very expensive
  • Systems must match architectures (AMD, Intel) to allow VMotion/HA
  • Systems must support Virtualization Technology (VT)

If you can afford the initial expense, virtualization will save you money in cooling, power and equipment maintenance costs in the long run. I believe virtualization is a great tool to help reduce datacenter costs. Please remember there are things that should not be virtualized: large database servers, exchange servers and some application servers may be too disk intensive for your environment’s abilities. Consider keeping these systems as physical servers.

VPS (Parallels) or VM (VMware ESX) Sun, 01 Nov 2009 01:26:09 +0000 TheGuy Ever heard someone use the term VM or VPS? About the only thing they have in common is the V in their name.

A VPS (commonly OpenVZ or Parallels Containers) is a Virtual Private Server and usually runs on what is referred to as a “host node” or the main hardware node. VPS systems allow you to dynamically adjust resources without a restart.

A VM (commonly VMware ESX) is a fully paravirtualized system which all hardware is also virtualized. Many operating systems seem to work the best with paravirtualized systems as the hardware is presented as regular physical hardware.

VMware Pro’s
  • Full Paravirtualazation
  • imageVirutualizes at the hardware level- most compatible
  • Flexibility
  • Industry Standard
  • Can run Windows/Linux/Suse/Novell/OSX all on the same host
VMware Con’s
  • Cannot dynamically scale resources, VM’s must be rebooted to apply new allocations
  • Slightly slower than software-level virtualization
  • Cost, expensive

imageParallels Pro’s
  • OS level virtualization
  • Fast provisioning
  • Dynamic resource allocation, no reboots
  • Tighter control of space and inode allocations
  • Burstable RAM settings
Parallels Con’s
  • Only Linux or Windows VPS systems may exist on a single hardware node
  • Price, although cheaper than vmware, still pricey. OpenVZ is a safe free version.


There are many different solutions to virtualizing or “chopping” up the resources for a single, large host system. Our winner was Parallels for their ease of installation, dynamic resource allocation and faster performance. Also keep in mind that if you are virtualizing systems make sure to have a good backup plan and spare parts or on-site warranty. One large host system may provide 20-50 virtual systems. An outage is now multiplied by the systems you have running on top of your hardware node.

See Why Postini Marked Your Message as SPAM Sun, 01 Nov 2009 00:37:20 +0000 TheGuy An E-mail!Ever wondered why Postini blocked your email? Luckily Postni provides their “Postini Message Analysis” tool to assist in tracking down pesky false positives.

Here’s how to run your message through their analysis tool:

Step One

Login to Google Postini’s web interface at and release your quarantined message.

Step Two

Open your message in your favorite email client. View your message headers and copy everything from the top down to (and including) the line starting with “X-pstn-addresses:”

Step Three

Visit the Postini Message Analysis Tool page and paste in the content we copied in Step Two. Press “Analyze Message”

Step Four

Review your results and see why the message was counted as SPAM.

Another helpful page is Google’s description for what each custom header tag (added by Postini) represents. See this page for more information.