Wargling (War Googling) Search Terms

Here’s a quick reference for wargling or war-googling. These search terms can be used to provide extra information on sites which may have security issues or to provide extra information on which domains have a certain string in URL’s indexed by Google.

Google Search Term

Wargling Search String

Find similar domains related:<domain|host>
Passwords "index of" passwd.txt
"index of" etc passwd
Include files include db.inc
include config.inc
include config.php
XML resources "index of" wsdl
Enumerate OWA users inurl:exchange inurl:finduser inurl:root
Poor information management "internal use only"
Basic searches "password hint"
"password hint -email"
"show password hint -email"
bb4 conn
Find specific files filetype:<type>
type such as .htaccess, .xls, .doc
Find matches in URL inurl<token>
allinurl:<token> [token]
Find information about domain info:<domain|host>
Find links to domain link:<domain|host>


The above information is not provided for malicious purposes. Please use the information above to assure you’re not leaking information at your business.


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