How to clear ESM logs in OpenManage

Hey all,

Sometimes it can be useful to clear the ESM logs in OpenManage if you do not have direct access to OMSA as a root user. To perform this action from the command line just enter the following:

omconfig system esmlog action=clear

The above command clears the ESM (hardware) logs in OpenManage. Sometimes this can clear amber lights on the front of the Dell servers.

Disable Console Screen Saver

By default most Linux installations come with the console screen saver on. This is generally a bad idea for a server system because if you do experience kernel panic issues you will not be able to see what caused the panic. The screen will remain blank.

Put the following lines in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local or in your login scripts:

setterm -blank 0
setterm -store

If you use X-Windows append one more line:

xset -dpms

This should allow for viewing of the screen in the even of kernel panic.

CPU2, CPU3 Machine Check Exception

Hey everyone, normally I don’t have issues with hardware in any production systems but, on occasion, I do see a few hardware failures. I would say the primary hardware failure I see on a day-to-day basis is hard disk failures. Today, however, I experienced a Machine Check Exception which had be puzzled. After turning to Google I found that this is most typically (at least on Linux) bad cache on the processor. This particular system was a dual processor system so I had virtually nothing to worry about if I had to fly solo until the part arrived.

The Machine Check Exception looks like this:

CPU 3: Machine Check Exception 0000000000000005
Bank 0: b200004010000400
Bank 5: b200121020000400

On Windows systems a MCE (Machine Check Exception) could also mean bad RAM, Motherboard or Processor. Reseating the processor is also another good option if you experience this error message.

Happy Linuxing!