CPU2, CPU3 Machine Check Exception

Hey everyone, normally I don’t have issues with hardware in any production systems but, on occasion, I do see a few hardware failures. I would say the primary hardware failure I see on a day-to-day basis is hard disk failures. Today, however, I experienced a Machine Check Exception which had be puzzled. After turning to Google I found that this is most typically (at least on Linux) bad cache on the processor. This particular system was a dual processor system so I had virtually nothing to worry about if I had to fly solo until the part arrived.

The Machine Check Exception looks like this:

CPU 3: Machine Check Exception 0000000000000005
Bank 0: b200004010000400
Bank 5: b200121020000400

On Windows systems a MCE (Machine Check Exception) could also mean bad RAM, Motherboard or Processor. Reseating the processor is also another good option if you experience this error message.

Happy Linuxing!

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