How to clear ESM logs in OpenManage

Hey all,

Sometimes it can be useful to clear the ESM logs in OpenManage if you do not have direct access to OMSA as a root user. To perform this action from the command line just enter the following:

omconfig system esmlog action=clear

The above command clears the ESM (hardware) logs in OpenManage. Sometimes this can clear amber lights on the front of the Dell servers.


  1. Exactly what I needed. Dell’s DSET is supposed to be able to do this but wasn’t on a Poweredge 830 for me.


  2. Thanks Adam, this was what I have been looking for. I use this command trough dell openmanage essentials. created an Remote task of a cloned remote command. filled in your command and it works great. can do all server in our park in just 1 go..

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