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After hours and hours of research I thought to myself: Hmm, how can I make some extra cash by doing what I love doing, writing. I searched the vast depths of the Internet and noticed that there were not many easy to use and simple pay-per-post systems. I then stumbled upon a site called "".

We all like to make money with little to no effort. Why not choose a way that is most natural to you? If you really like writing about exciting topics (which I personally enjoy technical material) then you should really check out

I signed up because I felt like the site had a user-friendly feel, it was very fast and usable and my blog was approved in less than ten minutes. This blog incentive program also inspires you to write more and have a seemingly unending source for new topics and ideas to post about.

So I bet you’re asking now… Why would I want to write all day and get paid? Well, you should know, gas prices are going up and this gives me a great way to learn about new technologies while improving my typing skills, saving me money and ultimately making me money while doing it. It’s a win-win situation for me.

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