Global Warming: Not Real

I have been very intrigued by global warming in general over the past few years. We all studied global warming in school and we all were taught the basics of global warming. We are taught that the ice caps are melting and that we are the primary cause (cars, aerosol cans etc). We’re constantly trying to reduce the amount of "greenhouse" gases our cars and motorized vehicles are producing.



Why Global Warming is NOT Real

j0437269It’s easy to see. The earth itself is a living being. The earth goes through very long-duration cycles or phases. Look at the ice age where virtually everything on the Earth was wiped clean. Global warming is simply a phase of the Earth that we must accept. I know we’re constantly trying to link our usage of petroleum products to the rise in heat, flowers blooming earlier and birds migrating earlier; but we really need to understand that this is simply a phase. Global warming has been around for more than 100 years. 

Light Bulb: No One Knows

Absolutely no one can predict j0437381what the world will physically do. We can’t  predict storms. We can’t predict drought and we can’t predict the future. There is absolutely no way we can directly link our petroleum usage or greenhouse gas output to the world changes. Humans, in general, try to figure out major issues we are facing and how to solve these issues. Humans, especially males, are logic-oriented and have a deep need to fix and decode things. This is simply a large issue we can’t figure out and we’re wanting to correlate as many happenings as possible to this phenomenon.

What Can We Do

Nothing! We can’t do anything. Remember who’s in control.. We are not in control. We need to understand that we can’t control everything… especially not the world. If you believe in any kind of higher power you have to think… Have we faced massive epidemics in the past? Yes. Have we faced drought in the past? Yes. Have we experienced famine? Yes. This is a normal cycle of our Earth.


The above was just one of my senseless ramblings. I like to think about everything as logically as possible. I like to have an explanation to everything. I believe it’s very important for us, as a human race, to remember that we are not always in control and we must (sometimes) accept that there is not always a true answer to everything in this world. What do you think? Tell me!


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