LifeLock Fights Experian Lawsuit

Lifelock is a company that protects you against theft. Experian is accusing LifeLock of fraud and false advertising.image Experian is a company in business to sell and distribute people’s personal information. Experian is simply upset because LifeLock is protecting their credit by offering them a one-million dollar guarantee to cover any persons incidental costs associated with identity thefts. Remember that Experian reported over three billion dollars in profits.

This lawsuit has been brought on by Experian because they are upset. LifeLock can be keeping persons data from being shared with Experian. LifeLock doesn’t simply give you an alert, they search the web, they search chat rooms and more for persons attempting to disclose your personal information. For just ten(10) bucks a month this seems like a good idea. They’ll even hire you a lawyer if you have issues with identity theft. LifeLock is simply a very affordable insurance policy for your identity. In a world of technology and instant content delivery who would want to be without identity theft protection? I know I wouldn’t.

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