Review: Saitek Eclipse Keyboard

I finally broke down and purchased a new keyboard. I’m personally not into all the LED lights and special buttons on keyboards. I really like a responsive key and a fully-functional board. My old keyboard, a Microsoft media keyboard, just wasn’t cutting it anymore at my home office. The keys seemed to have long travel which exhausted my hands after long periods of typing. The whole think creeked when typing and it was completely white which doesn’t fit well into the look of my office.

After reading reviewed at NewEgg I decided to go with the Saitek Eclipse. This keyboard was purchased for $34.99 (plus shipping of course). I really needed the wrist-rest because of the desk I use in my office.

The keyboard arrived packed very well (as always from NewEgg) and, once theimage keyboard was removed from the packaging, seemed very stable and durable.  Many people say that the backlighting on the keys fades toward the top around the F keys but I don’t see such an effect. The keys do, however, seem to be dimmer if viewing the keyboard from an angle. Three modes are available for the backlit keys: on, dim, off. I personally keep the keyboard backlighting off in normal use as I purchased the board for the keying action.

The keyboard makes for an effortless typing experience. When I first started using the keyboard I wanted to type forever. I visited multiple forums and replied to many posts just because it felt good. This keyboard is really the best bang for your buck. I chose wired because I don’t really care to replace batteries and I want to make sure that I have the best connection possible.

I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone. This keyboard is great for serious gamers and business users alike. They keyboard definitely has a unique look but seems to be sturdy and made with quality in mind.

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