10 Top Downloaded Firefox 3 Themes

Most of us already have Firefox 3 downloaded and installed. If you don’t, head over to Mozilla.com and download a copy.

So here it is, a quick list of the top downloaded themes for Firefox 3.


1. Aero Fox


I like this template because the black is a bit easier on the eyes. The icons are a little nicer and seems to have a more futuristic look to it. Get it here.


2. NASA Night Launch
This theme is pretty interesting. I guess it just depends on how much of a NASA enthusiast you are. I really like the dark looking theme that most people are going with. This theme should be supported more on the soon to come Ubuntu 8.10 as they’re working more on dark theme support. Get it here.


3. Aero Silver Fox


Not quite as nice as the original black Aero Fox but I really like the rounded feel. The black is still the best in my opinion. Get it here.


4. Aquatint Black Gloss

Can you see an obvious trend lately? It looks like the masses really enjoy the black background and rounded icons. I really like this theme as its simple yet effective. Get it here.


5. Pitch Dark for Fx

This one is a little odd for me but it has a good place in our top downloaded selection. This theme was designed to keep maximum visibility, usability and to provide maximum screen real estate. This one really works well on my widescreens. Get it here.


6. Vista on XP

This theme is a top download probably because people want the Windows Vista “feel” on their XP systems. Why I do not know :-). I think it’s because they want to experience the glamour without the suck. Get it here.


7. Qute

It seems like the masses really believe in simple and effective themes. I couldn’t agree more since the internet seems to be laden with useless junk. Why not have a browser that is simple and just does what it’s supposed to do? Get qute here.


8. myFireFox


Just when you thought the Vista on XP theme was a little odd. This theme lets your Firefox look just like IE7. WHAT? Why would you want to take away the look of Firefox and convert it to one of its less-worthy counterparts? I don’t get it /facepalm. If you want to steal the soul from Firefox get the theme here.


9. Abstract Zune

Yet another odd name/theme. It looks like the Microsoft theme is still prevalent here. I do, however, like the black look that this theme has. Not too keen on the orange, however. Get it here.


10. iFox Smooth

I’m not too sure about this theme either. I like the idea and I like the clean interface. Firefox just isn’t an iPod no matter how hard you try. Get it here.

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