VMware ESX/ESXi: Guests will not start BUG in 2.5u2!

imageAs some of you already pleasantly found out today, VMware ESX/ESXi 3.5 Update 2 has a very large bug which prevents guest systems (VM’s) from powering on, restarting or vmotioning. VMware has identified this bug and is working to fix it. A release is to be posted on their download site by noon (PST) on August 13, 2008.


Here is what the error looks like:



This may seriously harm VMware’s reputation as they just recently released their enterprise hypervisor, ESXi, to the public for free use. Some free users may download the software and think that it simply does not work and could move on to other virtualization options such as Xen or Microsoft’s new HyperV.


The fix is to simply turn off time syncing between your ESX host and guests and then set the date back on the host to 8/10/08. This allows all normal VM functionality.

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