BNY Mellon Loses Account Holder Data on Tape

imageI just received a letter notifying me that tapes containing data with my information on it were "lost" by BNY Mellon’s archive services vendor. I figured I would make mention of this because it is somewhat technical.  I would assume that they are using some sort of encryption routine to protect the data on the tapes. Chances are that these tapes were lost or misfiled. Who knows. The data is most likely unrecoverable but it just goes to show… Even the big boys make mistakes. They do, however, graciously offer 90 days of service from a credit monitoring company. Thanks BNY Mellon!




Google Chrome Bug?

Here is something odd I found with Google Chrome.


Open Chrome

Go to “”

Middle click maps at the top and see the distorted map on the new tab.



What causes this? Google how well did you review your code. I know it’s a beta … but I expect better from Google 🙂 It works fine when visiting the maps site directly or refreshing.



Top Five Sites: Then and Now

It’s very interesting to see what the web was like then and now. Big sites like and others have been owned by other companies and have looked very different.

Check out a list of the top five web sites on the Internet (as rated by Alexa.)


1. Yahoo

Yahoo went through many changes throughout the years.

October 17, 1996
Feb 10, 1998
Jan 22, 2003



2. Google

Google didn’t really change too much throughout its life thus far. This may be a reason people love Google so much, beside the obvious reasons of course.

Nov 11, 1998

Strange! The first link was to “” and the second to “”.
Dec 02, 1998
Jan 01, 2001
Only 1.3 Billion Pages? Wow 🙂


3. YouTube

YouTube has definitely stood the test of time. I wish I would have created a site as popular as this!

May 16, 2005
June 30, 2005
Nov 25, 2005
Nothing too special here. Just them touting about how big a 4GB IPod is!

4. Windows Live (

It looks like wasn’t always owned by Microsoft. Check these out!

Feb 11, 1998
Jan 02, 2006
Jan 21, 2007


5. Facebook

It looks like the domain “” was originally owned by a company who created “software to manage your world” in 2003. Facebook was originally called “TheFaceBook” back in the day.

Jun 28, 2003
Aug 12, 2005
Oct 31, 2005
Facebook changes in to the site we all know and love.


Images provided by WayBackMachine.