Google Chrome Bug?

Here is something odd I found with Google Chrome.


Open Chrome

Go to “”

Middle click maps at the top and see the distorted map on the new tab.



What causes this? Google how well did you review your code. I know it’s a beta … but I expect better from Google 🙂 It works fine when visiting the maps site directly or refreshing.




  1. Google Chrome Bug

    Try finalize a chrome.exe process.
    I navigate to youtube URL and enable the console javascript option and click in many links(with javascript) and he CRASH.

  2. I’ve found a bug too.. when a server was not reachable after refreshing website, the error given was:

    The web page at null might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    Instead of the actual website name it just states ‘null’…

    At least it didn’t crash 🙂

  3. There’s this thing when i’m using my laptop…when scrolling down using the trackpad, it works, but scrolling up doesn’t.

    This also happens to a friend of mine even though he said he’s using a mouse.

    i installed chrome on my mom’s laptop, she uses a mouse, and this bug doesn’t happen.

  4. There are a couple of others.

    1) Javascript alerts are not modal to the tab, but modal to the entire browser. So, if you get into a nasty loop of alert boxes, you can’t actually close that tab, and have to kill the entire browser

    2) Mouse scrolling: In IE and FF, I can click the middle mouse button, and then enter a scrolling mode. This doesn’t happen in Chrome.

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