BNY Mellon Loses Account Holder Data on Tape

imageI just received a letter notifying me that tapes containing data with my information on it were "lost" by BNY Mellon’s archive services vendor. I figured I would make mention of this because it is somewhat technical.  I would assume that they are using some sort of encryption routine to protect the data on the tapes. Chances are that these tapes were lost or misfiled. Who knows. The data is most likely unrecoverable but it just goes to show… Even the big boys make mistakes. They do, however, graciously offer 90 days of service from a credit monitoring company. Thanks BNY Mellon!





  1. If they were encrypted they would not have had to admit the loss!
    I am sure the data would be recoverable. It is quite easy to do a tape dump and be able to read the data. Have a look on youtube, there is a video of someone reading an AS400 tape.

  2. Great. I just found out the information was unencrypted 🙂 YAY

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