LifeLock Fights Experian Lawsuit

Lifelock is a company that protects you against theft. Experian is accusing LifeLock of fraud and false advertising.image Experian is a company in business to sell and distribute people’s personal information. Experian is simply upset because LifeLock is protecting their credit by offering them a one-million dollar guarantee to cover any persons incidental costs associated with identity thefts. Remember that Experian reported over three billion dollars in profits.

This lawsuit has been brought on by Experian because they are upset. LifeLock can be keeping persons data from being shared with Experian. LifeLock doesn’t simply give you an alert, they search the web, they search chat rooms and more for persons attempting to disclose your personal information. For just ten(10) bucks a month this seems like a good idea. They’ll even hire you a lawyer if you have issues with identity theft. LifeLock is simply a very affordable insurance policy for your identity. In a world of technology and instant content delivery who would want to be without identity theft protection? I know I wouldn’t. – Free GEO-IP Lookups

imageHey everyone, I just wanted to tell you about a free GEO-IP lookup site. Check out They offer free GEO-IP lookups using MaxMind and Google Maps API technology. Check out the site and do a few lookups. It’s very, very fast.

Ten Mom-Friendly Tech Gadgets

With Mother’s Day fast approaching it can be hard to find that perfect gift for mom. If you’re anything like me you want to buy something she’ll enjoy and use but there’s part of you that wants to get her a tech toy. Believe it or not some studies show that consumers spent 9% more on gadgets for Mother’s Day last year. It looks like Mom will enjoy that tech toy this Mother’s Day!

Here’s a list of ten Mom-friendly Tech Gadgets:

  1. Shampoo Rinse Cupimage
    The shampoo rinse cup makes it a lot easier to wash those kids. It has a watertight band that rests against the forehead and helps to keep water out of the child’s eyes. What a replacement for the hand I used to have (which sometimes leaked by the way).
  2. Help Mom With Her Computer
    My Mom, like many of others, has a computer and uses it daily. Mom sometimes can call me up and ask for some help imagebut it’s really difficult to visualize what is wrong. Sometime’s it’s just easier to see it and fix the issue for her. Connect to Mom’s PC with a free service called CrossLoop. This service allows you to share Mom’s screen and fix her issues easily and without traveling (if she’s far away).
  3. Digital Photo Framesimage
    Digital photo frames are a great gift for Mom. What a great way to remind her of family with a tech gadget like this. These frames can range anywhere from around 60 bucks to 150 for normal frames. Simply buy  one of these frames, load your favorite family photos and give it to Mom for a unique gift.
  4. Digital Keychain Cameraimage
    A simple yet affordable gift is this Digital Keychain Camera. Sure its not the greatest quality. It’s not going to match up to a nice SLR camera but it can do the trick to capture those moments when without a camera.  Sure cell phones have cameras but does your Mom know how to get the pictures to her computer? Try this on Mother’s Day. Comes with software!
  5. iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robotimage
    If you’re feeling extra generous this Mother’s Day season you could give a gift that keeps on… cleaning. I’m not too sure how effective these self-cleaning robots are but she might like the extra time she has now that she doesn’t have to vacuum all the time. At a base price of $119.99 it can’t be that bad. Check out the link above to see the different models.
  6. Music Players 
    Every Mom must like some sort of music. imageCheck out some of the new music players on the market. Some of the small iPod Shuffles are very very small and easy to use. Heck, there’s only five buttons.. how hard can it be? Also, if she has any issues, use number two above to connect to her PC and install her software for her. CrossLoop is free and easy… Why not?
  7. Digital Camerasimage
    What Mom doesn’t like to take pictures? Mothers often like to save memories in the form of a photo. Give the gift of a digital camera this Mother’s Day. Digital camera prices are coming down and you might check out some retailers that have pink colored cameras, that is, if your mom likes pink.
  8. Smart Shopper Grocery List Makerimage
    This little device is sure to save Mom time and effort at the store. Simply enter in all the items and it automatically categorizes the list and prints a copy to make shopping easier and more efficient. Check out the link above.
  9. Pink Cooking Gearimage
    Mom makes a mean home-made macaroni and cheese. Why not have her make it in style? KitchenAid has tons of pink-colored cooking gear for "Cook for the Cure" for breast cancer. Grab some pink gear for mom and help a good cause.
  10. Wireless Digital Rain Gaugeimage
    Let’s say Mom has a garden. Mom wants to check how much rain Mom got in that garden. Mom doesn’t want to walk outside every time to check that rain. She wants to be able to glance at a gauge that tells her. Check out the wireless digital rain gauges available here. This is sure to wow her and allow her to check on how much rain her garden got last night.

That’s it. Make sure your Mom has a great Mother’s Day. Remember it’s the thought that counts .. oh yeah.. also remember that she’s the one that brought you into this world. Show her some respect .. wow her with some gifts and tell her how awesome she is for being Mom.

Robo-Squirrel – Really?

Researchers have long wanted to study the behavior of critters and even humans. The study of animal behavior can prove to be very beneficial to humans and can provide insight to why we do the things we do.

Apparently researchers at the Free University of Brussels recently developed a robotic squirrel as outlined in this CNN article. I’m not quite sure what to think about this new "breakthrough". I can see that creating these robotic monitoring animals helps to provide a captive-free way to monitor their behavior but it seems a little ridiculous to me.

I look forward to the day when robotic technology has progressed to create a robo-human to monitor interactions in the general populous. This would be very interesting and perhaps provide greater insight into the human species. – An Internet Revolution

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