Top 10 Worst Case Mods of All Time

Well I was browsing around a bit on the Internet today and I noticed that there are some really, really horrid case modifications that made their way to the ‘net. I tend to lead toward case modifications that add some functional value and maybe the occasional aesthetic tweak. These cases are just absurd.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Worst Case Mods of All Time.


10. The "Pulling open a hole in the side of my computer" mod

Ok. What is this all about? I get it, you’re pulling open a hole in the side of your case with what looks like hands. There must be something really powerful inside to deserve a red light. Seriously?


9. The "Tortise Beetle"

I think I’m stuck in the middle of a rave. What is this? Is this a computer or the geekiest glow stick ever created. Two thumbs down. Wayyyy down. []


8. The "Magna Doll" Mini-ITX Computer

image image

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I found a case that some poor old chap converted into a doll. Perhaps he thinks his computer is a real woman? This just creeps me out.


7. The "Put all my computer parts in a cardboard box" mod


This is by far a horrible case mod. This is no new trick but yet people still seem to stuff their parts in a piece of cardboard and think it’s cool. I think this is a bad idea. What if you need to take your computer out of the house when its raining? Sure, use an umbrella, but if any water gets on the "case" your hard drive might fall out. Oh and also, I’ve seen power supplies catch on fire…. if it were a real case it wouldn’t be used as kindling to start a house-destructing fire.


6. The "I just crapped out something, plugged it in and it’s now my computer" mod


No further comment needed.


5. The "Let my gerbil run through my PC" mod


Well.. this case mod is pretty cool if you’re a gerbil lover. I’m not sure that the heat or the noise would really be a good thing for your animal. This person spent over forty hours on this case. I really don’t see this as time well spent 🙁


4. The "I have too much free time" mod

This case mod is almost as creepy as the girl above. The difference betweent his one and the one above is that this one looks like it took longer to make. I’m not sure why people spend their time making things like this but maybe it’s their real passion. Weird.


3. The "I ran out of ideas so I just sprayed foam-sealant all over my computer parts" mod


This modification baffles me. Why would someone spray foam all over their parts? I’m not quite sure how the video card or other add-on cards breathe for that matter. I bet this was a good idea at first. When the video card dies… might as well spray a whole new "case" on. [More here]


2. The "almost cooler than a regular cardboard box" mod


Why must people insist on stuffing their parts into a cardboard box? /facepalm


1. The "Hang all my parts from cat5/6 strands because I don’t want a case" mod


Wow. Well… This is the crappiest case mod of all time because it really isn’t a case mod at all. This is … lazy and a bit amusing at the same time.


Please be sensible when modding your cases. Sure its all about fun but really functionality should be considered. Also, making your computer into a woman is a little scary 🙂

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