Netgear Releases Open Source Wireless Router

image It’s about time a company releases a router based on open-source ideologies. I personally run an old Dell Optiplex at home with pfSense… I may now be changing my router. Enter the WGR614L. This new 54G, fully-capable router is available to the retail masses. The router includes an entire open-source community site which includes blogs, forums, articles and projects. The site is called "".


The Features

This router has many robust features that makes this a great choice for only $69.00 (even cheaper at

  * 240 MHz CPU

  * 4 MB flash

  * 16 MB RAM

  * Works with Windows Vista (I believe this is a feature)


This router is reasonably priced and it makes me very happy to know that a larger company supports the open source community. This kind of support will open many options for users of this router.

This router is compatible with well-known 3rd party firmware’s like Tomato and DD-WRT.


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