Make money in your free time with ChaCha


Most of us text message other people and most of us usually have an unlimited text message plan if you do any texting at all. A new way of searching is here. Enter ChaCha. The name came from the Chinese meaning of Search (Cha). 


What does it do?

ChaCha allows you to call in or text in a question, any question and receive a useful and helpful text message back (160 characters or less).


How does it work?

A real person is sitting on the other side answering your questions. The beauty of ChaCha is that the question answerers, called guides, get to pick which categories and specify keywords to allow the guide to get questions they enjoy answering. For instance, I can specify that I want to answer questions primarily based around the Internet and computers. Now, most of the questions I receive are primarily about computers and the Internet.

ChaCha pays a guide $0.20/answer. I did the math and you can equate this to around $10-$15 dollars per hour. It’s no job replacement but it really gives you something to do with your free time.


How do I start?

Just text message “242242” (ChaCha spelled out) and you’re set. Start asking questions immediately after receiving the welcome message. You can also call 1-800-2ChaCha and someone will transcribe your voice question to text. You will then receive the answer via SMS.

Ask any question like this: “What’s the cheapest gas between Minot, ND and Kansas City, MO?”

An answer will look like this: “The cheapest gas is $3.55 at XYZ Gas station at 000 S. 110th street in Souix City, SD”


Will it remain free?

I’m not sure about this point. I even asked ChaCha directly and it seems to be free since January, 2008 but may be a subscription service in the future. Any way this is a very useful tool.

Visit for more information.

LEGOs Are Awesome: Facts

image I recently found an article on GIZMODO about LEGOs. Looking back on all the Lego experiments I had as a kid, it’s very interesting to see some facts about Lego’s revealed.


Here’s some facts from the article:

Their Mindstorm NXT includes Bluetooth capability for communicating.

In their entire history, there has not been a single report of a Lego decomposing or releasing toxic byproducts.

There are very few bad bricks produced at the plant – mostly due to their very precise brick-making process.


Department of Homeland Security Scraping Sites?

imageRecently I noticed that one of the web servers for my business,, had a higher than normal load. Normally this means that someone has exploited a PHP script and is mass-mailing everyone on the ‘net. This time, however, it looks like there was an IP address, from a OrgName DHS/BSL002A. This netblock belonged to "”. I quickly wondered what this was and pulled up the site.

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security has been scraping a harmless gaming community’s forums for some type of information. The alarming thing was that the requests came in at 5-10 request per second. Why must they scrape the sites? If they do, why can’t they do it at a more comfortable rate? This is crazy!


DIY: Tornado Cruiser

Everyone knows there are tons of people out there chasing storms. This fellow happened to build his own tornado cruiser to keep up with them. This sounds like a DIY project waiting to be written up 😛

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